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Ancient history of Srinagar

The most important of the local historians was Kalhana who wrote his Rajatarangini (The River of Princess) in 1148-1149 AD tracing Kashmiri history back to 1184 BC. He wrote that the city was founded by Ashoka the Great. The original city of Srinagar was called Sriganari.

The present city was built by Pravarsena II adjoining literally means the City of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.
Dating from the early centuries AD when Kashmir was Buddhist is the base of a stupa and a chapel. Buddhism was being introduced to the Kashmir Valley by emperor Ashoka. Tiles excavated from the site show that central Asian influence on local costume and the fragmented terracotta statues of the Buddha are from the Gandharan school of art. By the late of 900s it was capital of the Kashmir

Shah Mir, a Muslim warrior probably from the Swat Valley defeated the last Hindu ruler and formed a dynasty that would rule for the next 200 years.

The World Monument Fund (WMF) has declared the old city of Srinagar as ‘perhaps the most threatened yet valuable site in India’, placing it on its 2008 List of Most Endangered Sites.
Ancient history of Srinagar
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