Thursday, October 12, 2017

City of Tokyo

Tokyo is the largest wealthiest and most crowded city in the world. Development of the Tokyo area began in the early seventeenth century, when Ieyasu Tokugawa (1543-1616) established the government in Edo, which is the former name of Tokyo.

After Ieyasu’s appointment as shogun in 1603, he began a series of policies that made Tokyo a huge city and spawned more that 200 nascent urban areas around the country, the ‘castle towns’.

Edo becomes a city home not only to the shogun and his government but to fortified mansions of the more than 200 lords who pledged loyalty to him.

Edo grew as the center of politics and administration, while another large city, Osaka was the center of commerce. Soon Edo was the largest city in the land, and the first to second largest city in the world.

In 1868 the population was just over half a million. It developed quickly and by 1920 had reached 3.3 million but a major earthquake in 1923 claimed 100,000 lives and destroyed most of the city’s newly constructed rail network and industrial plant.

After Meiji Restoration, the new government changed the city’s name from Edo to Tokyo in 1868 and the following year the emperor moved from Kyoto to Tokyo.

The rebuilt city continued to grow ever outward and by 1942 Tokyo had a population of nearly 7 million.

World War II seriously damage Tokyo. A large part of downtown was destroyed by US strategic bombing, and the population was reduced. However, Tokyo quickly recovered from war damage.

By the mid 1950s, as Japan entered its era of high speed growth, Tokyo grew in wealth and population as never before.
City of Tokyo

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